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Account Alerts

We've brought a new technology on board to make it easier for you to stay on top of your accounts.

Available to both personal and business account holders, you can decide what kind of account activity you'd want to be notified of in real-time. Set when, what and how you'd like online banking alerts to be sent to you by text/SMS and/or email!

When you receive alerts*, you can rest easy knowing you'll be notified right away should any "important" account activity occurs. Uses could include setting up an alert for a specified low balance threshold, getting a 'heads up' when your paycheck deposit comes through, and being notified when your online banking password is changed. Being on top of account changes makes sure you're better prepared for the future, while providing you with better account security today.

  • A free, valuable service that makes your life easier
  • Delivers real-time alerts to specified smart device/s
  • You choose when and how you're alerted
  • Sends texts/SMS and/or email alerts for specified activity
  • Reduce your fraud risk

*Account alert services are subject to additional terms and conditions and/or fees, including internet provider and data charges. 

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